For project 1 I chose to disassemble my bedside alarm clock. It had been bugging me so I thought, how could I change this? Of course.

These are some of the more annoying aspects of this clock:

  • the glaring blue LED light
  • the alarm sound
  • no radio (well yeah, but I thought there was one when I bought it)
  • aesthetically disgusting (the imitation wood contact paper was just…bleh)

So, I want to set out to improve some of this during this project. Also, make a better housing (form) that works with my bedside lamp in a less clumpy way.

I do think this was a decent clock and Bluetooth speaker when I did use it. But the LEDs usually burned my retinas in the middle of the night. Though I do miss having a larger clock that can be read across the room.

How it works:

Although after taking apart the clock and discovering it was poorly assembled and designed super cheaply, it’s fairly straight-forward in the electronics. There is a main board that controls the whole device, linking the back buttons and top buttons. The back buttons are operated by injection molded plastic plungers pressing against switches that are installed directly to the board. Directly attached to the main board are the AUX unit and AC/DC plug insert. There are multiple leads to other parts of the device: flat wire tape to the front LED display, 2 wires each to the alarm piezo speaker and the music speaker, 4 wires leading to a separate board for the top buttons and bluetooth LED.

That’s all for now. I will go into more electronic/board details when I understand it all better.